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Northern Sweden — the land of northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer
Cloudberries, blueberries, cowberries grow wild and are under the midnight sun in the
north of Sweden, where there is daylight 24 hours a day. The long exposure of sunlight together
with mountain air and pure water give northern berries a rich, natural and delicious flavor.

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Company SwedNordProd AB (Registration/VAT № 556918-6009 / SE556918600901) is registered and located in the northern part of Sweden in Västerbottens län, Umeå.

SwedNordProd AB was founded for production, promotion and distribution foodstuff from Northern Sweden.

Northern Sweden is a unique geographical and ecological region. Due to the midnight sun in summertime in northern Sweden which is lasting 2,5 months, berries which are grown in this region get the highest content of natural sugar during the ripening.

Constant consumption of sunlight during the whole process of maturation together with mountain air and pure water give berries in northern Sweden extra juiciness and very distinct taste.

All jams which are offered by SwedNordProd AB are cooked with a maximum temperature of 87,5 degrees mode (never brought to a boil), no more then 5-10 minutes that fully preserves all the nutrients and natural substances of wild northern berries.

At present, SwedNordProd AB offers 3 lines of Jams and Cloudberry jam:

1. Ecological / Organic products. ECO

This product is certified according to EU’s Green Leaf and Swedish KRAV labeling systems for ecological and organic products. Made exclusively with natural ingredients, including a special ECO-sugar.

2. Jams with STEVIA without added sugar. (0% sugar)
Instead of sugar, a product is added by a natural sweetener, which is extracted from the plant Stevia (honey sweet grass). Its fresh leaves are in 10-15 times sweeter than sucrose.

3. Jams with a lower sugar content (sugar 20 - 30%)

4. Jam from Cloudberry